Moravian Moves Festival

Herrnhut since 1722


Herrnhut, the place of establishment of the Moravian Church, is turning 300 Years in 2022. Since three years, people are planning great events for this occasion. The youth workers decided to plan a great international youth festival on request of the Provincial Boars of the European Continental province of the Moravian Church. The plan is to let the Moravian youth from all over Europe and everyone, who is interested, come together in the town of Herrnhut.

Where and When?

The Moravian Moves festival is planed from the August 17th through August 21th, 2022. In more detail: one arrival day, one departure day and three full days of programme.

The venue is Herrnhut in east Saxony. The town has around 1.200 inhabitants. The main festival venue, which consists of the festival meadow, the camping area, a conference house, the forest and the garden at the Provincial Board office, is owned by the operator. Additionally used venues belong to the Moravian Congregation Herrnhut, the Zinzendorf School and to the town Herrnhut. There is no direct train connection to Herrnhut. The next train stations are either in Löbau, Zittau or Görlitz. The destination airport is Dresden DRS.


Invited are young adults, age 18 to 30, from congregations of the 11 countries in Europe, where Moravian Churches are present: Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Czech Republic. The participation of young people age 16 is only possible with a supervisor.

The participation fee costs for early birds 140 euros, for mid booking 160 euros and for late booking 190 euros.

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